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Vertical advertising machine series

The installation method of the vertical advertising machine is on a standing ground. The installation does not require the complexity of wall hanging. A variety of sizes 22, 26, 32, 43, 46, 55, 65, 70, 75, 86, and 98 inches are available for users to choose.

Vertical advertising machine series

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    Product Features

    ,简单 1. Multi-language menu, easy to operate and simple

    2. Ultra-thin and lightweight design of aluminum alloy frame, easy to use and beautiful appearance

    3D 数字解码和图像降噪技术 3.Use the latest 3D digital decoding and image noise reduction technology

    4. With the function of automatically removing afterimages to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen

    5. A variety of digital image correction circuits, with minimal image distortion

    6 , 16.7M colors, the picture is more natural and more delicate

    . 7, 8ms extremely fast response time, the picture is truly without smearing .

    8. Built-in power supply, low power consumption, longer life of LCD screen

    9. Equipped with a sensitive infrared receiving device, which can remotely adjust various parameters of the display

    10. Full metal shell structure design, strong electromagnetic shielding, no radiation

    Product parameters


    Product number







    LCD screen

    screen size

    22, 26, 32, 43, 46, 55, 65, 70, 75, 86, 98 inches for users to choose


    3840 (horizontal) × 2160 (vertical)


    16: 9


    1400: 1


    500cd / ㎡

    Viewing angle

    H178º / V178º



    Response time


    Service life

    60,000 hours

    Display area

    full screen





    main chip

    1.3GHZ (可选) RK3128 quad-core 1.3GHZ (optional)

    Background management software

    B / S architecture, multimedia information distribution system

    Running memory

    1G (optional)

    SD card

    Compatible with SD and TF cards


    8G (optional)

    Serial port

    3 serial sockets


    1 RJ45 network interface, 2 USB ports






    Supported formats

    operating system

    Andoid4.4 and above

    Video decoding

    Real-time video decoding, support MPEG-1, NPEG-2, MPEG-4

    Decoding resolution

    Supports up to 1080P @ 60fps

    Video encoding

    H.264, MVC.VP8

    Encoding resolution

    Supports up to 1080P @ 60fps

    Image Format

    Supports JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNP, GIF

    Play mode

    Support multiple playback modes such as loop play, timing, insert play

    text format

    TXT (doc)

    Video format

    Supports MPeg1, MPeg2, MPeg4, sp / AP GMC, XVID, H.263

    H.264. BP / MPHP, WMV7 / 8WMV9 / VC1, BP / P / AP, VP6 / 8


    audio format

    MP3, WMA, MP2, 0GG, AAC, M4A, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV

    3G module interface

    One PCIE slot, one USB interface

    LVDS output

    stand by


    Additional features

    RTC real-time clock

    stand by

    Timer switch

    stand by

    System Upgrade

    Support USB upgrade




    Ultra-high quality tempered glass (transmittance ≧ 98%)


    Using high-strength aluminum alloy frame (tensile strength> 480 MPa)

    Rear shell

    Using cold-rolled steel plate, black paint

    Wall hanging

    Landscape, portrait (optional)

    Use environment

    Operating temperature

    0 ℃ —50 ℃

    Storage temperature

    -20 ℃ —60 ℃

    power supply

    Working power


    rated power


    Built-in speaker

    2 × 5 stereo surround sound

    There may be some differences in related parameters, so the above parameters are for reference only, please refer to the actual product or call the manufacturer for confirmation

    Third, information release software and introduction

    、软件特点: 1. Software features:

    Ø   Material management: audio, video, picture, Flash, PPT, Word, Excel, PDF;

    Ø   Program management: program production, editing, management, export / import, program list / plan management;

    Ø   Terminal management: terminal monitoring, quick release, time synchronization, volume adjustment, download speed limit, power on / off, remote update, touch management, etc .;

    Ø   System management: log management, view instruction execution status, change password, user authority management, terminal authentication management;

    Ø   Other functions: user rights assignment, terminal authentication management, password modification

    、软件功能使用细致特点(边幅较长可选点有效预览): 2. The software functions use meticulous features (long margins can be selected for effective preview):

    v   Centralized control management

    B/S架构 ,无需安装客户端,即可在任意一台电脑上打开IE浏览器登录控制后台,对所有终端进行任何操作管理。 The system adopts B / S architecture , without the need to install a client, you can open the IE browser to log in to the control background on any computer, and perform any operation management on all terminals.

    v   节目制作: Program production with arbitrary effects :

    When making a show, you can arbitrarily stretch the production of effects such as dragging and dropping the program material and size.

    v   System compatible scalability

    支持几乎所有的视频格式(rm. rmvb .avi. mpg. dat mov. asf mtv、mkv、wmv、3gp、amv、dmv、divx等) 1. Support almost all video formats (rm. Rmvb .avi. Mpg. Dat mov. Asf mtv, mkv, wmv, 3gp, amv, dmv, divx, etc.)

    音频(mp3、wma、wav等) 2. Audio (mp3, wma, wav, etc.)

    图片(jpg、gif、png等); 3. Pictures (jpg, gif, png, etc.);

    word/excel文档、pdf文档、 4, word / excel documents, pdf documents,

    其他:RSS实时新闻、flash动画、动态网页、 5. Others: RSS real-time 澳门太阳城网址, flash animation, dynamic web pages,

    图片特效播放: 添加图片可设置图片播放特效功能、例如:百叶窗、渐进渐出等特效 6. Picture special effect playback: Add pictures to set picture playback special effects functions, such as shutters, progressive effects, etc.

    流媒体直播 支持实时流媒体直播、网络视频直播、本地DVD视频直播、视频会议等多种流媒体形式直播 7. Streaming media live broadcast : support live streaming live broadcast, online video live broadcast, local DVD video live broadcast, video conference and other streaming media live broadcast

    多节目循环播放 系统支持多节目循环播放功能,例如同时下发10个节目给终端播放器、终端播放器会循环播放这10个节目,每个节目都可以任意分屏,可以指定各个节目播放时间。 8. Multi-program loop playback : The system supports the multi-program loop playback function. For example, 10 programs are sent to the terminal player at the same time, and the terminal player will play these 10 programs in a loop. Each program can be divided into different screens. Show time.

    多种播放模式 立即播放模式、插播播放模式、定时播放模式 9, a variety of playback modes ( immediate playback mode, insert playback mode, timer playback mode )

    v   Play schedule management

    All programs can be made into a schedule form, and then only the schedule list needs to be sent to the terminal.

    v   Terminal independent playback

    The system adopts a distributed point-to-point information publishing mechanism. Each point can play different screens and can also play notification screens. Depending on the place of placement, the point can be specified at will, which is easy to operate.

    v   Remote control terminal

    It can be operated through management software, remote standby or wake-up, restart and so on.

    v   Remote sync time

    You can remotely synchronize the time of the terminal player and the server through the control software, without setting the time manually.

    v   Adjust volume remotely

    The volume of the terminal player can be set remotely through the control software

    v   Remote real-time monitoring

    It can remotely monitor the terminal's network connection status in real time and monitor the dynamic playback screen being played, which is convenient for user management, without having to go to the display terminal to check the effect of the operation.

    v   Timer switch

    Can set the terminal power on and off time in detail, and can set multiple rounds of timing power on and off.

    v   Terminal speed limit

    It can accurately limit the network bandwidth occupied by each terminal to download programs, so that the network bandwidth of enterprise users can be accurately controlled after joining the information distribution system, without the need to independently build a network.

    v   指令 Offline instruction

    No matter the terminal is online, you can send any command to the terminal, and it will be executed automatically after the terminal is online.

    v   Program distribution mechanism

    The system supports multi-server program distribution, solves the bottleneck of large concurrent connections, and the bandwidth can be controlled during distribution; supports the monitoring and management of publishing terminals, supports resumable transfers, complete file verification, and distribution status reporting.

    v   User management permissions

    Different permissions can be set for each user, and the user can be assigned a management terminal so that he has management rights for this terminal.

    v   Remote terminal file management

    You can view and delete the program files played by the terminal. Not only can you delete this program on this terminal, but you can also delete the same program on all terminals at the same time. The terminal has an automatic cleaning function. As soon as the terminal storage device is stored, the terminal automatically clears the earliest play program file.

    v   Program review

    The program review function is used in multi-level user rights.The upper-level user reviews the programs produced by the lower-level users. As long as the programs produced by the lower-level users have not been reviewed by the higher-level users, the lower-level users cannot publish this program to the terminal.

    v   Smart cleanup

    The system supports the intelligent cleaning function. When the memory is full, the earliest files can be automatically cleaned without manual removal, and the stored content can also be manually cleared through the software background.

    v   Stand-alone playback

    Support U disk to import programs for stand-alone playback.

    v   http

    When downloading a program, after the network is disconnected and reconnected, the program is automatically downloaded from the state when it was disconnected, and will not be completely downloaded again.

    v   Log management

    Powerful logging function, and can get the status of each instruction.

    v   Remote on demand

    You can use the remote control to order existing programs.

    v   Picture link show

    Link the pictures in the program to other programs. This function can be used conveniently by the inquiry machine to realize the function of touch inquiry system.

    v   Post a notice

    Support dual marquee playback, edit font color, size, scroll speed.

    v   Memory playback

    After the system is powered on, it will continue to play the program from the programs memorized before the last shutdown and the playback progress point.

    v   In other pending development, thank you for your support ...


    ---- 各个营业网点放置广告机,可以发送各个网点的特色、信息(图片、动画)…… 1. Financial securities —— advertising machines placed at each business outlet can send the characteristics and information (pictures, animations) of each outlet ...

    ---- 机场、车站、码头等热点地方放置广告机,可以发送本地的旅游、住宿等信息; 2.Transportation-advertising machines are placed in hot spots such as airports, stations, terminals, etc., which can send local travel, accommodation and other information;

    ---- 售楼中心、小区等放置广告机,可以发送地产商的楼盘信息、促销信息、销售情况等; 3 , real estate properties- placing advertising machines in sales centers, communities, etc., can send real estate developers' real estate information, promotional information, sales conditions, etc .;

    ---- 各个大堂或会议室等放置广告机,可以发送本店的服务信息、周边概况等信息; 4 、 Hotels —— Advertising machines can be placed in each lobby or conference room, etc., and can send information such as service information and surrounding information of the store;

    ---- 写字楼入口或出口放置广告机,可以发送本楼的特色公司和性质等; 5. Commercial and residential buildings ---- advertising machines are placed at the entrance or exit of office buildings, which can send the characteristic companies and properties of the building;

    ---- 夜总会、歌厅、娱乐城、健身场所、会所、茶馆等,放置广告机,发送本地介绍、促销信息、特色介绍等; 6. Entertainment and fitness- night clubs, song halls, entertainment cities, fitness venues, clubs, tea houses, etc., placing advertising machines, sending local introductions, promotional information, special introductions, etc .;

    ---- 商场、商厦、超市、连锁店等,放置广告机,可以发送本地的入住商家介绍、推荐产品、折扣信息等; 7 , shopping malls and supermarkets- shopping malls, commercial buildings, supermarkets, chain stores, etc., placed advertising machines can send local check-in business introductions, recommended products, discount information, etc .;

    ---- 酒家、饭庄、酒楼、连锁酒楼等放置广告机,可以发送本店特色菜、推荐菜、打折菜服务特色等; 8. Catering culture: Place advertising machines in restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, chain restaurants, etc., and send special dishes, recommended dishes, discounted dishes and other service features;

    ---- 剧院、科技馆、文化馆、图书馆、展览馆、博物馆、影院、等放置广告机,可以发送本馆的情况、介绍等; 9 , cultural venues- theaters, science and technology museums, cultural museums, libraries, exhibition halls, museums, theaters, etc. Placing advertising machines, can send information, introductions, etc. of the museum;

    ---- 医院、康复中心、门诊部、特色诊疗等放置广告机,可以发送本地的医疗情况、办事指南、专家医生等; 10. Medical and health ---- Placing advertising machines in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient departments, and special diagnosis and treatment, etc., can send local medical conditions, work guides, expert doctors, etc .;

    ----4S 专卖店、维修站、汽车城、配件销售等放置广告机,可以发送本地的介绍、服务特色、打折商品等; 11. Automotive industry ---- 4S stores, repair stations, auto city, accessories sales, etc. can place advertising machines, which can send local introductions, service features, discounted goods, etc .;

    ---- 公园、旅游景点、文化古迹等放置广告机,可以发送本地的介绍、景点、餐饮服务等; 12 , Attractions Parks- parks, tourist attractions, cultural monuments and other places placed advertising machines, can send local introductions, attractions, catering services, etc .;

    ---- 移动、电信、联通、网通、铁通等放置广告机,可以发送业务办理,话费优惠套餐等; 13. Electronic communication ---- Mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom, China Netcom, Tietong and other advertising machines can be sent for business processing, preferential call packages, etc .;

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    • Multi-screen splicing processor 40 in 40 out Tianzun T6000 series

      Beike intelligent multi-screen splicing processor T6000 series is an FPGA pure hardware + embedded Android architecture, with its own image splicing processing device with multimedia information publishing function, to achieve any window opening, roaming, superimposing, zooming, rotating, etc. A variety of display effects, support for single screen 4 screen overlay and layout.

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    • Three-picture two-channel splicing processor K203 Plus

      The three-screen two-channel splicing processor K203Plus carries 3840X1200, with 5.2 million pixels and customizable points, two DVI output stitching, three-screen simultaneous superimposed display, arbitrary roaming and zooming. Overlay.

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    • K200Plus two-window synchronous stitching processor

      The two-window simultaneous splicing processor K200 Plus can send two LED sending cards through two output ports, and then drive the LED screen. The two output ports can be spliced into a complete image, and a picture-in-picture can be opened at any position. image.

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    • k700PlusLED seven-screen video processor

      k700PlusLED seven-screen video processor, support 2048X1152, 2560 * 816, 2.6 million pixels, 2 DVI outputs, 1 of which can be previewed, up to 7 windows superimposed display, arbitrary window opening, roaming, superimposed, zoom .

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    • k100PlusLED quad picture video processor

      K100PlusLED four-screen video processor with 2048X1152, 2560 * 816, supports up to 2.6 million pixels, and supports 2 DVI outputs, of which 1 can be previewed, 2 sending cards can be built in, and 4 windows can be superimposed , Optional window, roaming, overlay, zoom, support keys and computer control, optional wall-mounted control panel.

      ¥ 0.00

    • K400 LED four-channel video splicing processor

      Beike Intelligent K400LED four-screen video splicing processor supports four output ports to send to four LED sending cards, and then drives the LED screen. The four output ports can be spliced into a complete image, or display 4 different or the same at the same time. Signal LED video processor.

      ¥ 0.00

    • K9000 series LED multi-picture video mosaic processor

      LED multi-screen video splicing processor K9000 series is a type of multi-channel synchronous screen splicer that supports up to 16 in and 16 out and can seamlessly switch

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    • K9000PlUS series LED multi-window synchronous splicer

      K9000PLUS multi-window synchronous splicer is a kind of high-end video splicing processor with multiple windows, multiple faces, multiple outputs, synchronous stitching and seamless switching. Mainly used in rental performances, large LED displays, mixed LED displays, TV studios, large stage theaters, etc.

      ¥ 0.00

    • K400 PlusLED four-window synchronous splicing processor

      The K400 Plus four-window four-picture splicing processor can be sent to four LED sending cards through four output ports, and then drive the LED screen. The four output ports can be spliced into a complete image, and a 4-layer can be opened at any position. Screen.

      ¥ 0.00

    • K800LED eight-channel video splicing processor

      Beike Intelligent K800 eight-channel video splicing processor supports 8 output ports to 8 LED sending cards, and then drives the LED screen, which can splice the 8 output ports into a complete high-definition screen splicer.

      ¥ 0.00

    • LVP670LED HD video processor

      Beike Intelligent LVP670LED high-definition video processor is the LED display processor launched by Beike Intelligent for the LED commercial display market. Its main function is to be able to input a variety of video signals such as computers, DVDs, cameras, video files, etc. Scaling, signal conversion, image texture enhancement and other processing, the processed results are sent to 2 LED sending cards through 2 output ports, and then drive the LED screen.

      ¥ 0.00

    • LVP680LED dual channel video splicer

      LVP680LED high-definition video splicer, support 2 DVI output ports to send 2 LED sending cards, support USB, HDMI, DVI, VGA * 2, CVBS1, CVBS2 interface format HD signal multiple inputs, support 2 DVI dual-channel splicing The output and signal sound are switched simultaneously.

      ¥ 0.00

    • 4 in 4 out special effect switcher and splicer full function switcher M404

      M404 is a high-performance 4x4 matrix switcher / splicer with seamless switching output and mixed input.It supports 16 kinds of special effects switching such as fast switching, fade in and fade out, and curtain.

      ¥ 0.00

    • 16-screen splitter with seamless switching Q16

      The 16-screen splitter is to display 16 HDMI high-definition input signals on a TV at the same time. It supports 4 screen display modes (1 screen, 4 screens, 9 screens and 16 screens).

      ¥ 0.00

    • 9 picture 4k splitter seamless switcher Q9

      The Q9 9-screen 4K splitter displays 9 HDMI input signals on a TV at the same time. Support 4 screen display modes (1 screen, 2 screens, 4 screens and 9 screens) Support front panel keys, remote control, RS-232 and Web GUI control,

      ¥ 0.00

    • LED HD Video Processor LVP660

      LED high-definition video processor LVP660, with 1920 * 1200 picture points, 2.3 million picture points customization, 2 DVI outputs, built-in 2 sending cards, with subtitles, hardware encryption, audio input and output, cascading splicing.

      ¥ 0.00

    • HDMI4 screen splitter Q401

      4-screen splitter Q401 is a high-definition splitter that combines four HDMI high-definition input signals into one high-definition signal output. At the same time, four high-definition input signals can be seamlessly switched. Control, local IR control.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beike Intelligent Multi-screen Stitching Processor 4 In 4 Out Tianzun T400 Plus Series

      Beike Intelligent Tianzun-T400Plus series multi-screen splicing processor is a comprehensive multi-screen splicing processor for window opening, roaming, superimposing, zooming and other functions.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beijing Branch Intelligent Splicing Processor 4 In 4 Out Tianzun T400 Series

      Beike Intelligent Tianzun-T400 series products are powerful splicing processors, support 8 inputs and 8 outputs, can complete large screen splicing in one second, and can roam, zoom and other functions. As long as it is a display device, it can complete the screen Of splicing, so there is no limit to splicing.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beijing Branch Intelligent Splicing Processor 8 In 8 Out Tianzun T1000 Series

      Beike Intelligent Tianzun-T1000 series is a powerful splicing processor that supports 8 inputs and 8 outputs. It can complete the large screen splicing in one second, and can roam, zoom and other functions. As long as it is a display device, it can complete the screen. Of splicing, so there is no limit to splicing.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beijing Branch Intelligent Multi-screen Video Processor Tianzun D700 Std

      Beike intelligent multi-screen video processor, saves no money, replaces matrix and multi-screen processors to achieve multi-channel high-definition signal image division, scaling, overlay, roaming, seamless switching, special effects switching and other display functions

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beijing Branch Intelligent Multi-screen Video Processor Tianzun D400 Std

      Beike intelligent multi-screen video processor, saves no money, replaces matrix and multi-screen processors to achieve multi-channel high-definition signal image division, scaling, overlay, roaming, seamless switching, special effects switching and other display functions

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beike Intelligent 6-screen splitter, 7-screen splitter QUEEN King Q7

      Beike intelligent six-screen splitter, seven-screen splitter QUEEN King Q7, the main function is to combine 6 or 7 HDMI high-definition input signals into a high-definition screen split display.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beike Intelligent Multi-screen Stitching Processor 16 In 12 Out Tianzun T3000 Plus Series

      BeiKe Intelligent Tianzun-T3000Plus series multi-screen splicing processor is a comprehensive multi-screen splicing processor for window opening, roaming, superimposing, zooming and other functions. It supports up to 16 in and 12 out.

      ¥ 0.00

    • Beike Intelligent Splicing Processor 16 In 16 Out Tianzun T3000 Series

      Beike Intelligent Tzun-T3000 series splicing processor products are powerful splicing processors that can complete the splicing of large screens in one second, and can roam, zoom and other functions. As long as it is a display device, it can complete the splicing of the screen and let the splicing no limit.

      ¥ 0.00

    • HDMI Quad Screen Splitter QUEEN King Q4

      HDMI quad-screen splitting processor QUEEN King Q4, the main function is to combine 4 HDMI high-definition input signals into 1 HD signal split output, which can display 1 HD signal on a single display device, and 1 preview function to achieve multiple channels HD signal image display.

      ¥ 0.00

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